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Please note the following: The Shop is ready to go but bear in mind that we are dropshipping and with Covid things are not always easy and it can come to late deliveries or maybe that sometimes the manufacturer just stop working, we will do our best to find a solution. Items listed in Qoin Market or mostely all jewelry, like Mugs, T-Shirts on our website are ready to be ordered. Thanks for your understanding. If they are some Pets Products Suppliers in Qoin I would love to hear from them Thanks. We have a general store PawsFamily. Com and a special sub store for New Zealand Lovers with Kiwi Slang. Paws Family is an NZ Pet Supplies Online Store Ecommerce with a full range of items in divers categories for cats & dogs & pet lovers. We accept any order from B2C Customers from Australia, New Zealand, USA which will be paid 75% on Cash 25% on Qoin. No minimum no maximum orders and no restrictions on how may time a person order. We are as well selling to B2B Customers, we will accept 75% in Cash and 25% in Qoin for all Bulk Sales on our website and by negotiation. At Checkout use the option Money Order - B2C - 25% of the order send in Qoin in the Wallet and 75% send via Paypal Account and B2B same just 50% in Cash via Paypal & 50% in Qoin via Qoin Wallet. Please contact Sylvie or 00 64 21 027 85 195 Telephone or Text/SMS Please click on this Link to find out more information. Thanks The Owner is living in New Zealand but sell worldwide, she speak three languages English, French & German.. For Pets Lovers: we have print on Demand Items and while Sylvie loves New Zealand she found that speaking Kiwi Slang is sweet as; it is an expression of unique identity, it is part of the New Zealander Culture both historical and contemporary and should not disappear. PawsFamily want to contribute on saving this "Lingo Heritage" then Kiwi Slang is a "unique way" of sayings and catch phrases that have been passed down from generation to generation and make little to no sense to anyone who isn't or was nether from/in the Land of the Long White Cloud. The usage of Kiwi Slang is not considered offensive; rather it is generally viewed as a symbol of pride and endearment for the people of New Zealand so visitors beware! Whether you're an abroad Kiwi, or a New Zealand Newbie trying to figure out "what the heck everyone is talking about", we've created a pet lovers' collection of some of the sayings you should know. (this is our point of difference). But remember this, if you plan on coming to New Zealand you'd do well to explore the NZ Slang saying and Catch Phrases to be up to date! And if you have already before hands, such a T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoody, Mug Towel with you, the Kiwi will think that you're the coolest person alive! Show your love to New Zealand, Aotearoa The Land of The Long White Cloud, Plan your Trip Today and Order Now! You can contact Sylvie via email on site.

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