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96 Victor Crescent
Narre Warren

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Lots Of Fins Aquarium operated for close to 20 years as one of Melbourne's leading & most popular Aquarium Shops. Sadly just over 17 years ago, the shop was lost in a fire ... Re-opened May 2016 we have been operating again for nearly 5 years with Friendly, experienced & helpful staff along with the highest quality fish & equipment. Lots Of Fins Aquarium is foremost in providing YOU, our valued customer the best possible experience when visiting our shop. Nearly 2 years ago we expanded into our MEGA STORE Aquarium showroom Providing Melbourne an extensive range of Tropical & cold water fish, along with Marine invertebrates & marine fish, we know you will be excited to be a part of this new look aquarium shop that provides both the enthusiast and beginner aquarist with all needed aquarium products, tanks, foods, aquatic plants, filters, conditioners & more...

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