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Accepting 100% Qoin - selling B2B and B2C - we have created Australia's original dog friendly menu. We pride ourselves in creating all-natural, Australian Made treats that come from free-range, grass fed animals. We only use human-grade, premium quality ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives are added. That's guaranteed. We dehydrate our products at low temperatures for up to 60 hours to remove all moisture which protects the nutritional integrity of the product - the end product is a healthy, mouth-watering treat that's filled with real health benefits. Inviting owners of cafes, wine bars, dog groomers, to try our speciality range of gourmet dog treats to support our mission to help dogs live their best lives. Jump onto our website & email for a discussion around your business needs or if you're just a dog lover and you would like to order treats for home, we deliver straight to your door.

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